Stations of the Cross and Statues Information

Stations of the Cross and Statues Information

Conrad Schmitt Studios from New Berlin, WI is the company that will repair and repaint the stations and statues.

When the church was built the stations were hung low so as to allow a cross and the station number be placed above them. Unfortunately, they were low enough to be brushed against by average sized adults, and some were slightly damaged as a result. The white paint that was applied to all the stations some decades ago has begun to crack and, in some parts, it has begun to peel off. Meanwhile the statues are also in need of attention. The statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has damaged hands; the lily branch that Saint Joseph should be holding is broken and missing; while the statue of Saint Therese of Lisieux has been scraped and has had a hole poked in it, probably since its arrival here at the new church. All the statues were painted a number of decades ago but the paintwork was not of the best quality.

Therefore, it is time to look at repairing and restoring the stations and statues. In a way, this is part of maintaining the beautiful patrimony we have kept from the old church, and which makes our new church very beautiful. It is also important to add to the beauty of the church as this is our house of God, which should be a place of special beauty in honor of the God who dwells here. Making our church even more beautiful will help us and future generations to remember the special presence of Jesus in the Eucharist in the church, and so help in fueling our faith and devotion.

A parishioner very generously donated the expense of restoring one station. We budgeted for the restoration of another. The two stations will be repaired, the white paint will be removed, and the stations will be painted in polychrome, i.e. in color. Conrad Schmitt Studios restored the Cathedral so they are craftsmen of the highest caliber. We decided to have two stations restored so that you could better see the impact of the restoration on the look of the church.

Families have the opportunity to sponsor a station or statue – or share the sponsorship of a station or statue with another family – in memory of a deceased loved one, or in honor of Christ, Our Lady or a saint. The memorial plaque will be located in the foyer. Once a station has been sponsored, they would be shipped to New Berlin for restoration.  Some work will need to be done to protect the statues in the foyer and perhaps rearrange them in the sanctuary – we will get to that in due course. If you have any questions, or would like to support this project please feel free to contact Father King.