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First Communion & Reconciliation

The home lessons for 2nd graders are the lessons from the program "Blessed", produced by Dynamic Catholic.  Not only are the books filled with beautiful and insightful illustrations, but the program comes with a free online leader guide and multiple animated episodes that go along with each lesson.  The program consists of two books, one that walks through First Reconciliation and one that walks through First Communion.  We go through First Reconciliation in the first semester of the year and First Communion in the second.  We ask that you be diligent in completing your lessons in the month that they are assigned.  The kids review them the following month during class. 

Our hope in using this program is that you as parents are supplied with as many resources as necessary to do these lessons at home with your child and have them resound deeply with them as they prepare for First Holy Communion.  Here is a schedule for which lessons are assigned for each month.  I will also include a link for each session so you can access the free leader guides and videos.  You can also purchase the DVD's and physical copies of the Leader Guides if you would rather have those by following this link.

First Reconciliation:

First Communion: