Ministry Schedule

A Few Reminders & Changes:

Remember to sign in when you get to church so the sacristan knows who is here and who is not. The sign in book is located in the foyer on the table by the piano.

Altar Servers:

*The highlighted dates are solemn Mass dates. If you are scheduled to serve on one of those dates and need to find a substitute, you can call anyone EXCEPT those that are also highlighted. They have not been trained in Solemn Masses.


*First reader: announcements and first reading.

*Second reader: second reading and prayers of the faithful.


*Please make sure you seal the bag and initial it.

 Extraordinary Ministers:

*The person that gives out communion on the SOUTH side will go to the back to give to those unable to come up the aisle. This is generally the person who is second in line when you come up to the steps.

*The person who assists the priest on the altar also brings communion up to the choir loft.

 Greeters/Gift Carriers:

*As soon as the priest goes to the steps, follow the altar server who is preceding you up the aisle. You do not have to wait for the ushers to be out of the way.

Ministry Schedule

December 2018 & January 2019

November 2018