St. George has a variety of options for youth and young adults ranging from helping out the community to learning about the Catholic faith.  The two main options for youth include the Youth Group and the Dead Theologian Society.  The Youth Group meets every other Sunday and generally focuses on community service projects and hands activities that help individuals grow in their faith.  The Dead Theologian Society is a new part of the St. George parish and more details will come about DTS.  Feel free to check out the pages dedicated to both of them.


If you have questions about DTS or the Youth Group, please contact Mike Kapperman at 605-310-4574 or Brittney Heiberger at . Like us on Facebook at St George Youth Group Hartford SD.


For more information about opportunities for youth and young adults in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, check out this link.


2014 Youth Rally - Brookings SD


Helpful Links

Real Life Catholic - Speaker Chris Stefanick is a Catholic, father, husband, speaker and author devoted to re-engaging a generation in the beauty of the Catholic faith. - Website with information on what the Catholic Church believes and why they believe it.

Chastity Project - Website with helpful information on chastity and how to live a chaste life and find your soulmate.

Life Teen - Website devoted to lead teens closer to Jesus Christ and his Catholic Church.

UMD Catholic - Fr. Mike Schmitz is the chaplain for the University of Minnesota - Duluth and is a frequent speaker at youth conferences. 

Catholic Videos: Euk Mamie is a Catholic Media center founded to respond to St. John Paul II requests for Catholics to evangelize in the cyber space. 

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