Welcome to St. George Catholic Church of Hartford, SD, located ten miles west of Sioux Falls, SD . Founded in 1882, we are older than the state of South Dakota and the Diocese of Sioux Falls. Though old, in 2010 we built a brand new and beautiful church to accommodate the growth of the Hartford area. We are a growing and thriving parish made up of many young families who wish to know, love, and serve God and his Church in this life and forever in the next. Currently we have 370 families and we are always adding more each month. All we need to have a perfect parish is you! Click here to learn how to join!
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Saturday @ 5:30 pm
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Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:30 pm
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A Reflection from Father King

Our parish has been blessed with many signs of life, not least of which are the baptisms that occur throughout the year. They are a sign of new family members and a growing community. Their parents have given their children the gift of life, and in baptism they give a new gift: the gift of divine life. It is good to recall the meaning of baptism and the implications of this fundamental sacrament for our souls and our lives. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to return to this sacrament so that we can see how important it is, because it is what makes us Christians, members of the Church which is God’s family and His mystical body.

Before being a gift from parents to their children it is a gift of God to us, His children. That gift consists of being brought into God’s family. The Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is an eternal personal relationship of love. When we are baptized we are given a place in that divine communion of the Holy Trinity – a place that we have no right to but which God joyfully shares with us. We see an image of that in the parable of the Prodigal Son. When the son returns to his father whom he had renounced and offended, the father gives him a new place in the family. It is not the place of a servant or slave but that of a son. He gives him a robe and a ring which show that he has the same authority and honor as the rest of the family; he gives him sandals which shows that he is not a servant but a son with all the dignity of the father. That happens to us at baptism. The baptized person, provided he has faith in God, is given entry into the life of the Holy Trinity. There the Father gives us the same dignity and honor as Jesus His Son, and even a share in the authority of Jesus. That is a massive gift.

Another part of that gift is the forgiveness of all sins and from the mysterious wound we carry within us which we call original sin. Original sin is that absence of God within us that makes us more inclined to sin, to selfishness and cruel disregard for others, and to uncontrolled and dark passions. Again, the Prodigal Son shows us a person who is inclined to selfishness, cruel disregard for others, foolishness and dark passions. Baptism opens us to the presence of God who raises us above that heart of darkness that otherwise is invincible.